Function: The shingles provide a watertight protective layer along the top of a structure.  Any roof covering should be durable and require little maintenance.  The roof systems (rafters & decking) provide the support needed to carry the shingles, as well as forming the necessary roof pitch.

What We Look At:  Asphalt composition shingles have a typical design life of around 20-25 years, while more expensive upgrades can be installed that have a design life of 30-40 years.  What is the remaining useful life of the shingles?  Has any damage been done due to hail, mechanical abrasion, walking on, etc.?  How many layers of shingles are on the roof, and what was the quality of the shingle installation job and flashing?   

Typical problems we see are: Multiple layers of shingles (more than two - I once saw one with FIVE layers. The homeowner was wondering why his roof was sagging!); gravel loss, curling, cupping, moss growth, hail damage; manufacturing defects (i.e. premature cracking & blistering); etc.


Some Examples Of Shingle Problems We've Encountered

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shinglesroofpics_1.jpg (237730 bytes) shinglesroofpics_2.jpg (64198 bytes) shinglesroofpics_3.jpg (93703 bytes)

Blistering has been a problem in

some newer shingles.

You can only patch a roof so many

times!  This one needs shingle replacement.

Gravel loss is a serious defect.  Extensive

gravel loss generally indicates the shingles

require replacement.



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