Repair Prices & Life Expectancies


The following "Repair Prices & Life Expectancies" list is intended to give "ball park" prices and life expectancies for some of the more typically asked for (or needed) upgrades or repairs I have found that people want, or need to perform. The figures are intended to be representative for a typical two-story wood frame house, located in SE Minnesota. 

The "design life" category provides a good average of the typical design life one can realistically expect from a particular item.  If you know the general ages of some of the appliances or components in the home, subtracting their age from the design life will yield the approximate remaining useful life you should expect.

                                  design life - estimated age = remaining useful life

Remember, there are many factors that can influence the cost of building, remodeling, miscellaneous repairs  -  and the life expectancy therein (i.e. quality of materials used, weather, market conditions, etc.).  As a matter of fact, due to the current local market demand, many lumber yards will not guarantee their prices for more than 1-2 weeks.  I always recommend that you verify all prices by obtaining bids from qualified, reputable contractors.


Repair Prices & Life Expectancies

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