Function: The purpose of a chimney and its liner is to safely vent exhaust gasses from a combusting appliance, out of the house.

What We Look At:  Many older houses have masonry chimneys with terra-cotta flues while newer homes utilize metal chimneys.  Both the exterior masonry (or chase) is scrutinized, the flashing examined, and the condition of the interior liner inspected.   Many times, the chimney has to be cleaned before the flue can be fully viewed.    

Typical problems we see are: Damaged brick, mortar joints, cracked caps, and poor flashing condition.  Often times older homes have cracked flue liners, deterioration of the firebox and damper, etc.   


Some Examples Of Chimney Problems We've Encountered

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chimneypics_1.jpg (75508 bytes) chimneypics_2.jpg (157503 bytes) chimneypics_3.jpg (101258 bytes)

Water intrusion into the masonry has, over

time, deteriorated the top courses of

this chimney.

Improper flashing installation along the base 

of this chimney will almost certainly

lead to eventual leakage.

Rusted furnace chimney vent pipe.




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