Function: The electrical system in a house is designed to provide the proper amount of current to each point of use, in a safe and reliable manner.

What We Look At:  The main overhead entrance lines; the main service panel and its distribution; the rated amperage (service size) at the main panel; house wiring and outlets; etc.  Unsafe electrical wiring is a major cause of house fires, and requires close scrutiny during an inspection. 

Typical problems we see are: "Do-it-yourself" wiring is a very common occurrence, especially when an amateur is finishing his own basement, family room, etc.; overloaded circuits; minimal main electrical service capacity for the size of the structure; older knob & tube wiring; no GFCI protected circuits in potential "wet" areas; etc.


Some Examples Of Electrical Problems We've Encountered

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electricalpics_1.jpg (77702 bytes) electricalpics_2.jpg (127272 bytes) electricalpics_3.jpg (113878 bytes)

Older 60 AMP main fuse style service

panel, with the electric meter still on

inside.  Inadequate capacity for most

houses today.


Improper / unsafe splicing of 

electrical wiring.


Older style knob & tube electrical

wiring.  Can be unsafe and should be

upgraded, when possible.



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