Function: Provides a watertight protection against the elements that should be durable and require little maintenance.  Also, the shell allows for choices in colors, design, etc., that provide necessary esthetic qualities.

What We Look At:  Are the exterior components all working together to provide a watertight "shell"?  What type of material was used for the exterior, what is its remaining life span, what near term maintenance is needed?  An often forgotten component is caulking. . .what is its condition?  

Typical problems we see are: Deterioration due to a lack of homeowner maintenance; caulking in need of repair;  improperly installed siding/soffits/fascia; surfaces in need of paint; water intrusion through the "shell"; etc.


Some Examples Of Exterior "Shell" Problems We've Encountered

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exteriorshellpics_1.jpg (103712 bytes) exteriorshellpics_2.jpg (145246 bytes) exteriorshellpics_3.jpg (56562 bytes)

One of the most common problems found

is deterioration of hardboard siding,

especially along the base course.

Newer EIFS exteriors need to have all

penetrations through their skin properly

caulked, to prevent moisture intrusion.

Chronic or premature peeling of exterior 

painted surfaces can be an indicator of 

excessive inner wall moisture problems.



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