Function: A foundations function is to transmit the weight of the house onto the footing below, and to resist the lateral pressure of the soil outside.  Also, it is critical in preventing water intrusion into the inside of the house.

What We Look At: Are the foundations sound and intact, and are they performing as originally intended?  Have any alterations been made to the structure that would affect its integrity?   

Typical problems we see are: Inward bowing & cracking; foundation settlement (I once inspected a house in a rural area where the homeowner parked an old pickup truck against one wall of his tuck-under garage, in an effort to keep it from leaning any further!); the foundations aren't below frost line and thereby susceptible to frost-induced uplift; expansive soil problems creating movement; evidence of past water intrusion (for more information see Basement Water Problems); exterior grading problems; no frost footings under additions; etc.



Some Examples Of Foundation Problems We've Encountered

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FoundationPic_1.jpg (74007 bytes) FoundationPic_2.jpg (79965 bytes) FoundationPic_3.jpg (45342 bytes)

Soil pressure against garage

foundation, resulting in potential

wall failure.

Stair-step cracking and 2nd course of block

has slid inward, in relationship to the

lower base course.

Inward bowing along a masonry

 foundation wall.




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