Function: Plumbing has a two-fold purpose. On the waste side, the plumbing system is designed to rid the house of waste and water.  On the supply side, the plumbing system is designed to provide clean potable water to each point of use, in a safe and reliable manner.

What We Look At:  The type of materials used for the main supply line to the house, the internal supply lines, and the waste lines.  Are any areas at, or close to, their design life?  Are any areas leaking?  How is the water pressure and flow? Has any "do-it-yourself" work been performed (i.e. improper venting, glue-together plastic supply lines, etc.)?. 

Typical problems we see are: "Do-it-yourself" plumbing repairs (the worst I've ever seen was where someone used sections of garden hose and clamps to provide supply water to his newly remodeled basement bathroom); cross-connection issues where waste water can contaminate drinking water; problems associated with connecting dissimilar materials (i.e. galvanized steel & copper lines); old lines at the end of their design life; poor water flow & pressure; blocked floor drains; out-door faucets not upgraded to frost-proof type; etc.


Some Examples Of Plumbing Issues We've Encountered

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"Do-it-yourself" glue together plastic water

lines will raise many red flags with a

home inspector.  This type of plumbing

 is not allowed in new construction.

Leakage at valves is common, and should

be repaired as needed.

Leakage at a specialty device (i.e. water 

softener, etc.) should be repaired by a

qualified specialist in that field.



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