Function: A water heater is designed to safely heat water to a selected  temperature, then hold it for future distribution throughout the house.

What We Look At: Is the water heater sized properly for the house?  Is there evidence of leakage or corrosion on the tank; is there a properly installed pressure relief valve, is the gas line or electrical power supply connected properly?  

Typical problems we see are: Scorching on the tank around the burners due to improper venting and backdrafting; insufficient combustion air supply; leakage & corrosion at water line connections to top of tank; "do-it-yourself" installations which omit safety devices such as pressure relief valves; etc.


Some Examples Of Water Heater Problems We've Encountered

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waterhtrpics_1.jpg (128091 bytes) waterhtrpics_2.jpg (107564 bytes) waterhtrpics_3.jpg (108575 bytes)

Improperly connected water lines along

the top of this water heater has ruined it.

Scorching along burners indicates a

venting / drafting problem with this

water heater..

Older electric water heater with improperly

installed connections & is missing a pressure

relief valve downspout - unsafe for use.



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