Function: Windows & doors provide some of the same protection of the "exterior shell" components, but also are designed to provide light and ventilation, as well as egress into and out of a structure.

What We Look At:  The functionality of the windows and doors; is there emergency  egress in rooms that require it?  What condition are the windows & doors in, and are they providing their intended function?  Are they energy efficient?  

Typical problems we see are: Deterioration due to a lack of homeowner maintenance; peeled/flaked paint and glazing; windows painted shut; missing sash cords on older double-hung windows; rotted frames and sills; failed seals in thermopanes resulting in fogging; un-insulated doors; no fire-rated doors between house & garage; caulking needed; etc.


Some Examples Of Window & Door Problems We've Encountered

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windowdoorpics_1.jpg (107838 bytes) windowdoorpics_2.jpg (120339 bytes) windowdoorpics_3.jpg (94322 bytes)

Excessive indoor humidity levels and

a failure of the sealant around the glass

panel has ruined this door frame.

Excessive indoor humidity levels is the 

number one cause for frame and finish

deterioration in newer "tight" homes.

Peeled paint and glazing can present a

health risk if the home is older and the

paint contains lead.



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